Breaking news: Northern citadel fallen

This morning the northern citadel fell into Bachmut.

Peter Hanseler

Source: WeebUnion

The battle for the city of Bachmut is coming to an end. While the Western media speak of a stalemate, the Russians managed to capture the entire northern citadel in the past few hours.

Northern Citadel: The two red squares were conquered

The last fortified streets in the south, show only a few high houses.

Although the Ukrainians are making slow progress on the northern and southern flanks, it is questionable what good this will do when the city itself will be in Russian hands.

It is possible that these attacks were launched simply to bog down Russian forces – this calculation does not seem to have worked out.

According to WeebUnion, Bachmut will fall by Sunday.

Breaking news: Northern citadel fallen

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