The interview of the century: President Putin – Tucker Carlson

An interview that will go down in the history books – two professionals talking to each other.

Peter Hanseler


The interview lasted 2:07 hours. However, the first question came from President Putin, namely whether Tucker Carlson wanted a serious discussion or a talk show. Tucker wanted a serious discussion.

Putin then gave a detailed historical outline of Russia and Ukraine, going back to the early 9th century. Tucker – slightly irritated at first – interrupted Putin a few times, which also irritated Putin slightly. Then, however, Tucker Carlson seemed to give the impression that these remarks were important in order to have a serious discussion – and they were.

The conversation, conducted by an absolute professional, was a journey through time that ultimately focused on the last 32 years since 1991 and had countless interesting facets.

The topics included NATO’s eastward expansion, the USA’s aim to weaken Russia, Maidan, the Minsk agreements, Johnson torpedoing the peace of Istanbul, Russia’s “plans” to attack Europe, the North Stream, the USA’s problems, BRICS, China, possible peace negotiations and much more.


Tucker Carlson’s first reaction to his interview

Immediately after the interview was published, Tucker Carlson published his first assessment on his channel. An extremely interesting contribution – After The Vladimir Putin Interview – subscription required.

Source: Tucker Carlson


If you read our blog regularly, you will have noticed that we have already discussed practically all the points discussed in the interview in detail on our blog.

We are eagerly awaiting the reaction of the Western media, which has been distorting the facts for years and is now being confronted with opinions and facts that it does not want to hear.

A detailed analysis of the interview and, above all, the reactions in the West will follow.

With this we say goodbye from the night shift and thank Maria Avilova for the incredible achievement of having already provided the interview with German and Russian subtitles.

The interview of the century: President Putin – Tucker Carlson

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